21 Digital Products and Selling Platforms

    21 Digital Products and Selling Platforms

    If you are curious to know about what are the products and how to sell them online here are we coming up with excellent answers and ideas for selling productsonlineIf you are curious to know about what are the products and how to sell them online. Here are we coming up with Excellent answers and ideas for selling products online.

    What is digital productsWhat is Digital Products?

    A digital product is anything you can make and sell online that isn’t a physical product. It’s an intangible item. For example, a landing page template is a digital product. 

    You can’t hold it in your hands but it has value and exists electronically. Examples of digital products range from software and online courses to streaming music and TV.

    There are several reasons why you should create digital products to sell. Here are four of the most important ones.

    3 main reasons why to sellonline3-Main reasons why to sell online?

    1 no inventory tostore1. No inventory to store

    One of the biggest advantages of selling online instead of offline there is no need to create a physical store for your business. You may need to pay for a space to store them before potential customers buy them.

    In online selling, you don’t have the same issue about space and also work anywhere and have flexible time.

    2 low investment2. Low Investment

    Selling digital products, such as digital files or digital downloads, on an e-commerce platform requires a fairly low investment. You can make money selling digital products, without the startup costs or risks that come with physical products.

    Often, you can start selling online for free. Your main investment is your time. If you’ve got the time, then you can create digital products to sell.

    3 passiveincome3. Passive Income

    Once you’ve created a digital product, it can generate passive income. A business generating passive income is a low lift, as it doesn’t require a ton of daily maintenance work on your part. Even with little daily effort, the payoff has the potential to be huge. Then you can focus on promoting your product or making new ones that customers request.

    Digital products list to sellonlineDigital Products List to Sell Online

    1 courses1. Courses

    Market research projects that the online learning industry will generate $325 billion in revenue by 2025. If you’re not already selling online courses, this is your sign to get started. 

    An online course is one of the best digital products to sell online because you get to share what you’re passionate about.

    You don’t need to be an expert or have a degree in something to be able to make a course and share your knowledge. People create courses on everything from baking bread to investing. Most importantly, they find enjoyment and success in doing so.

    For Example Hubspot Course

    2 e books2. E-Books

    Another type of digital product to sell if you’ve got a passion or expertise is an ebook. You can create an ebook that people can buy, download, and read online. If you use Teachable, you can now add and sell your ebook from your Teachable school.

    An ebook can be as little as 5,000 words to a few hundred pages. How much you write is up to you. Many authors start publishing bestselling ebooks on Amazon first, before working with a publisher. 

    For example, Pat Flynn of Side Hustle School has published several ebooks through Amazon.

    3 digital workbooks3. Digital Workbooks

    In addition to ebooks, you can offer workbooks. They are similar to ebooks but are more interactive. Examples of digital workbooks include:

    • Food trackers
    • Event or work planners
    • Daily journals
    • Embroidery patterns
    • Crosswords
    • Coloring books
    • Painting guides

    These are a small sample of digital workbooks you can create. Jenna Kutcher of the Goal Digger Podcast sells a daily reflection journal as a physical product. It can be easily sold as a digital product. Customers could print the pages or write in the journal online.

    4 coaching4. Coaching

    While coaching isn’t quite a downloadable product, it’s still a digital product. You can offer your coaching services either as a group or individual coaching.

    The ability to coach online has created millions of opportunities for people to connect with coaches who can meet their needs. It has also helped coaches find the right clients.

    An example is Neil Patel’s business coaching services. Neil Patel is an entrepreneur and investor who mentors others on how to run and grow their online businesses.

    5 podcast5. Podcast

    A podcast where you speak with experts and share your insights is another digital product idea. You don’t need a ton of equipment to create a podcast so it’s a low risk that could have a high reward.

     Podcasts are another example of content you can gate or make member-exclusive.

    There are other ways to monetize podcasts too. Many will sell ad spots and get revenue from brand sponsors. 

    Finance expert Tiffany Aliche of The Budgetnista also hosts a podcast called Brown Ambition. The podcast episodes sometimes feature ads for companies in financial services, since that is Tiffany’s niche.

    6 graphics designtemplate6. Graphics Design Template

    Anything can be a lucrative digital product to sell if it makes other people’s lives and jobs easier. Graphic design templates are great digital products. They make it easy for others to buy and edit or customize for their own needs. 

    For instance, many designers monetize their graphic design templates on Canva.

    Canva compensates creators by paying them either 35% of every content license purchase or a percentage of royalties from subscriptions. 

    To have more control over how your design templates are sold (and get more of the sales revenue), offer digital downloads on your website.

    Others for your help 

    7. Guides

    8. Photography and Digital Art

    9. Resume Review 

    10. Fonts

    11. Presentation

    12. Spreadsheet

    13. Web Extension

    14. A Mobile App

    15. Web Design Service

    16. Recepies

    17. Newsletter Access

    18. Music and Audio

    19. Access to a Membership Site

    20. Digital Files

    21. Resume Templates

    Where to sell digital productsWhere to Sell Digital Products?

    When it comes to where you should sell your digital products, there are a few different avenues to explore.


    There are many marketplaces that you can use to sell digital products. Here are a few of the most popular ones.

    • Amazon
    • Etsy
    • Creative Market
    • Envato Elements
    • Canva

    Marketplaces tend to have a lot of traffic and users, so there’s already an audience. The major downside to marketplaces is that they can take anywhere from 50% to 80% of your sales, in exchange for listing your products.

     They can also be highly crowded, so you’re competing for attention against many other creators and digital products.

    Your websiteYour Website

    One of the best places to sell your digital products is on your website. For one, you aren’t giving up a percent of your sales (minus transaction and payment processing fees).

    To easily create, upload, and sell digital products on your site, use creator platforms like Teachable.

    Simply plug it into your existing website — whether you use Webflow, Shopify, WordPress, or something else — and get started. If you don’t have a website, you can also host one with Teachable.

    The major advantage of Teachable’s platform over marketplaces is that it offers more flexibility and control to creators.

    A few steps About how to create and Sell tips

    • Brainstorm
    • Conduct Audience research and Validate your idea
    • Identify your formate
    • Add digital products to your site
    • Promote your Products

    That’s All about your Digital products and selling tips for your Digital business.

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