Best Lesson of earning from your Digital products

    Best Lesson of earning from your Digital products

    Less than a week ago I launched my first Digital products starting at $1.

    And, I make unbelievable results from my first Digital Course Website.

    In the spring of 2023, I built the course, but not many people purchased it.

    I sold it to 35 people (and counting) when I launched it. I published an article for Medium and shared it on LinkedIn and Twitter. Selling something for a dollar seemed like a victory.

    What’s more, I gained knowledge on seven essential aspects of selling courses.

    1 create your price tag for your digital products1. Create your Price tag for your Digital Products


    Oh my. Happy I got that out of my system. Knowing what your target Digital market is willing to pay for your offering is the golden number.

    I soon discovered that the following reasons prevented my audience from purchasing my course for $97:

    When I built it, I didn’t market it.

    “Prices are low, Don’t be Slow”

    I didn’t establish enough credibility to demonstrate the value of my course. I didn’t post it on social media or provide any details about the Digital Marketing content of my course. It could have been as little as $49 or even $29. However, I wanted to begin at $1.

    2 start your journey and rehearse2. Start your Journey and Rehearse

    The most common advice we see when creating online is Just Get Started.

    There’s nothing wrong with this advice. But I also think there’s a second part to it. And that’s to rehearse.

    Starting is important. Rehearsing is more important. Rehearsing is how we make things better. It’s how we improve our Digital products, writing, and what we’re trying to give others.

    3 failure is a hard lesson for eating3. Failure Is a Hard Lesson for Eating

    When I saw that my landing page course had only brought in a few hundred dollars from its initial launch, I became a little disappointed.

    I put a lot of effort into making videos. I described frameworks. I worked on it for hours. However, success is not guaranteed even if you put in a lot of hours.

    Two categories of failure exist:

    • the failure to give up completely.
    • the passing of time and the moment’s failure.

    I went with option number two.

    Failure and success are part of life and we have to swallow it for our bright future so never give-up. Fight and Win Race of Digital Marketing.

    Get more Money by creating content on the audience’s response

    4 get feedback from your audience4. Get Feedback From Your Audience

    Feedback will help me figure out what I need to improve with my audience.

    They will tell me how well I explained a concept. They will tell me if my videos were helpful. They will be the ones that I’ll listen to because they are more customers.

    Now that more customers are taking my $1 Digital Marketing course, I can see what I need to improve.

    5 keep moving with lower value too5. Keep Moving with lower value too

    Launching a $1 product won’t be my last Digital product.

    My goal is to develop a course on writing habits. I wish to start a course on freelancing. My goal is to establish a copywriting course. In addition, I aim to create an online writing community for others.

    Even if I make mistakes, I will not stop building. I’ll continue to provide value for free, but I’ll also continue to release reasonably priced goods — not all of them will cost $1.

    You can build a $1 Digital product. It won’t make you rich, but you’ll get started. You’ll learn more about your audience than ever before.

    You’ll start building passive income.

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