Exploring The World, One Adventure at a Time

    Exploring The World, One Adventure at a Time

    Can you enjoy a world tour then let’s deep dive into Travel World?

    I love to travel the world and I want to share with you some experiences of a small piece of a world Tour to a place of heaven “Bali”-Indonesia.

    So you are planning a trip to Bali and Don’t Know where to start? Read If it helps you to start your Trip.

    From exploring the island’s stunning beaches and visiting the historic temples, to sampling delicious Indonesian food and snorkeling in crystal clear waters, there are so many things to enjoy on holiday in Bali.

    Bali is a place where you can always find peace, serenity, and contentment.

    The only problem? There’s A LOT to see! You could head to Ubud to check out the rice terraces and jungles (and of course explore the Ubud Monkey Forest), but there are lots of gorgeous places dotted around the coast too, including Seminyak, Canggu, Nusa Dua, and Uluwatu.

    First, you’ll need to pick a few towns to base yourself in. Unless you have unlimited time or budget, you simply can’t cover it all.

    Then it’s time to work through the lists of activities and places to stay in each destination. From restaurants and beach clubs to white water rafting and cooking classes — there’s SO much on offer.

    It may all feel overwhelming to start with, which is why I started writing about my experiences on my Bali travel trip.

    It turns out, I’ve built up quite a stack of information over my visits, so I wanted to collate it all in one easy-to-use area of my blog.

    Scroll down and you’ll find your top picks for where to stay in each area (from Ubud to Canggu and Seminyak), activities to try, and a few other recommendations about how to spend your time.

    I’ve even given a few ideas of places you could travel to next as well as helping you figure out what to wear in Bali with my handy packing lists.

    The first and Important question about the Trip

    Where to stay in baliWhere to Stay In Bali?

    It’s easy to see why Bali is one of the world’s top holiday destinations. Beautiful beaches — tick, fascinating culture — tick, lush forests and rice paddies — tick, volcanoes and waterfalls — tick.

    It offers so much!

    Depending on where you plan to go on your trip, there’s an amazing variety of things to do too.

    From diving and hiking to cooking classes and spa time, it’s an island that offers something for every type of person.

    1 ubud1. Ubud

    Visit Ubud to explore the rice paddies, enjoy the nearby waterfalls, or visit the famous Monkey Forest.

    Ubud is famous for its wonderful looks and the best destination hotels for your honeymoon or trip.

    One of the best Hotel in Ubud is “Four Season Resort at Bali at Sayan”

    If you’re wondering where to stay in Bali for your honeymoon, well… hotels don’t come much better than this one!

    As soon as you check into the Four Seasons near Ubud and cross the hotel’s famous sky bridge, you’ll be overwhelmed by the beauty of the rice paddies.

    It’s also home to the most amazing infinity pool, overlooking the Ayung River and jungle.

    Accommodation is in luxurious villas, which have private terraces and tropical forest views.

    Another nice thing about this hotel is that it’s close to Ubud (and all the town’s attractions including temples, waterfalls, and the Monkey Forest), but it feels private and away from the town’s hectic day-to-day life.

    2 canggu2. Canggu

    Visit Canggu for awesome surfing, cool street art, yoga studios, hipster cafes, and beach bars.

    If you want to enjoy your day inside and outside then must visit Hotel in Canggu “ Hotel Tugu Bali”

    Hotel Tugu is one of the best hotels in Canggu, and it’s wonderful to see it preserving Balinese heritage with its design. Located on the shores of Echo Beach, it’s just a stone’s throw from the famous Batu Bolong Beach.

    Inside the luxury hotel, you’ll find Balinese and Javanese artifacts from across the Indonesian islands and this theme continues as you venture to the villas and suites.

    Fancy a swim? Some of the rooms come with private plunge pools!

    3 nusa dua3. Nusa Dua

    Visit Nusa Dua for relaxed vibes, honeymoon resorts, and gorgeous white sandy beaches.

    Nusa Dua is famous for budget budget-friendly environment and natural atmosphere.

    The best Hotel in Nusa Dua is “The Bale”

    I stayed at this stunning adults-only resort at the end of my trip through Bali, and it was a wonderful place to relax and unwind after a busy month in Indonesia.

    It was my first time in Bali and I lapped up the luxury, feeling like was on an early honeymoon!

    All of the accommodations at The Bale are in beautiful private villas, each with a private butler, pool, and day bed area.

    It’s a wonderful place for a luxury holiday or a honeymoon in Bali. The hotel also has a private area on Nusa Dua Beach, with shuttles to and fro, so it’s easy to pop down there whenever you fancy.

    What to wear in baliWhat to wear in Bali?

    A very interesting and Adventuring question for Women is What To wear?

    To write your packing list for Bali, research exactly where you’re going. The temperatures don’t vary much across the year, but the weather conditions do.

    In general, I wore shorts or a midi skirt with a t-shirt or vest top during the day. This was suitable for most activities — from relaxing on the beaches to adventures in the jungles.

    If you’re wondering what to wear in Bali at night, a lot of the restaurants in towns like Ubud are very casual.

    I tended to wear short, but comfortable dresses in the evenings. It’s pretty warm all day, so I didn’t want any heavy layers!

    For more adventurous hikes, like the Mount Batur volcano trek, I wore leggings with a sports bra, sports vest, and trainers.

    In the evenings I wore longer skirts with a T-shirt or a vest top. At some temples, you’re required to cover your legs.

    Most have options to hire a scarf to cover up with, as I did at Goa Gajah near Ubud.

    Bali has plenty of incredible beaches, so don’t forget to pack your favorite bikini or swimwear.

    You might also want to take a dip in the cooling waters of one of the country’s spectacular waterfalls like Kanto Lampo Waterfall, Goa Rang Reng, Tegenungan… or perhaps enjoy a warmer experience at Toya Devasya hot springs.

    For Women’s Packing List

    • Shorts
    • T-shirts
    • Vest tops
    • Midi or maxi skirts
    • Dresses
    • Sarong or scarf
    • Sportswear
    • Swimwear
    • Underwear
    • Sandals or flip-flops
    • Trainers
    • Sun hat
    • Sunglasses
    • Rain jacket

    I couldn’t tell you what to wear in Bali without mentioning that there are mosquitoes and other insects that bite in Bali. If you feel like you’re that person who always gets bitten (that’s me too!!) while your friends are fine, you might want to cover up in lightweight trousers or sports leggings.

    For mans clothesFor Man’s Clothes

    Similarly to women, men dress casually in Bali. The main thing is to consider the climate and activities you’ll be doing. Most men I saw wore shorts or chinos with t-shirts, vests or shirts.

    If you’re wondering what footwear to pack for Bali, it will vary depending on where you’re going.

    For visiting towns and cities, I’d recommend flat shoes, trainers, sandals or flip flops. For exploring the jungles or rice paddies, you might want to wear hiking boots or sports trainers.

    For Man’s Packing List

    • Shorts
    • T-shirts
    • Vest tops
    • Sportswear
    • Swimming trunks
    • Underwear
    • Flip flops
    • Trainers
    • Casual shoes
    • Sun hat
    • Sunglasses
    • Rain jacket

    Other main things to carry with you when traveling to Bali

    • Bite Relief
    • Travel Towel
    • Sun Cream
    • Sun Glasses
    • Sun Hat
    • Rain Jacket
    • Umbrella
    • Reusable Water Bottle
    • Power Bank
    • Plug Adapter
    • Dry bag
    • Waterproof Cover
    • Rashguard
    • Snorkel and mask
    • First aid kit

    Best things to do in baliBest Things to Do in Bali

    If you’re visiting on holiday, you can enjoy a real mix of activities, from surfing and yoga to enjoying seriously tasty (and healthy) food or partying the night away.

    “Bali doesn’t need a filter.”

    • Surfing in Canggu

    Surfing is the top activity to do in Canggu. The town has been a ‘surfers paradise’ for decades, with its waves suiting everyone from beginners to the pros.

    • Enjoy Indonesian Massage

    Ah, what a way to relax and unwind! I had some amazing massages during my time in Bali, and wow were they incredible value too. For under Rs.10, you can enjoy an hour of pure bliss.

    • Eat At One Of the Canggu’s Coolest restaurants

    If you want to start the day in style, don’t miss my guide to the best breakfasts in Canggu.

    From amazing smoothie bowls at Café Vida Organic and Crate Cafe to delicious avocado dishes at The Avocado Factory and the lightest souffle pancakes at Brunch Club, there are so many amazing spots to choose from! You’ll be in brunch heaven in Canggu.

    • Drink at one of the Canggu’s Coolest Bars

    Canggu is full of cool cafes and bars, so if you’re wondering what to do in Canggu at night, here are a few recommendations.

    One of the most famous places to go in Canggu drinks is Old Man’s, which often hosts live bands, DJs, and late-night parties.

    Another quirky spot to check out is Deus Ex Machina. It’s an iconic bar/vintage motorbike shop/art gallery/surfboard factory — you know, very ‘Bali’!

    • Enjoy Canggu’s Beautiful Sunset

    Sunsets in Bali are famous for a reason, and Canggu Beach is the perfect spot to watch the sun go down while enjoying a sunset cocktail or a Bintang.

    For amazing sunset views, yummy drinks, and an all-around great vibe, head to The Lawn on Batu Bolong Beach, Finn’s Beach Club at Berawa Beach, or try a local spot on Echo Beach.

    • Visit Tanah Lot Temple

    Located 300m off the shore on a rock in the ocean, Pura Tanah Lot (Land in The Sea) is one of the most famous temples in Bali.

    It’s a sacred place, and many believe the temple protects the island from evil sea spirits.

    In terms of the best times to visit Tanah Lot… while sunsets are famous (when the temple is a beautiful silhouette) it’s worth visiting early in the morning if you want to beat the crowds.

    Also, if you time the tides right, you can walk to and from the temple on the sand before the water comes up too high.

    The Tanah Lot entry fee is 70,000 IDR, and from Canggu, it’ll take you around 20–30 minutes to get there (12 kilometers).

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