Importance of Finding Keywords in Digital Marketing- For SEO Krupali Patel

    Importance of Finding Keywords in Digital Marketing- For SEO Krupali Patel

    Keyword Research is the process of making a user’s search query match with Google's ranking page and sending them a relevant result page(SERP). And We use it for Search Engine Optimization.

    Digital Marketing is based on how you research keywords based on your competition. That’s how you appear on Google and make your product and services high searching.

    First, we talk about how you take ideas for it. Whatever you do the first important thing is you have more idea about your business or product or services. And also get trending ideas about what the audience wants to know from you.

    Search your mind word in a keyword research tool. And After finding high-volume words with low difficulty.

    Always keep your audience in a centric position.

    Otherwise, find another tool and select one with a high impact on users. Find its relevant keyword and Match it with searches. You can use the internet platform to find the most searchable keyword and go for it. Keywords are playing an important role in the drama of marketing.

    Why keyword is importantWhy Keyword is Important?

    Searching keywords is important because Targeted keywords Catch related audiences for your website and Gain more Help from Google. When people search for something on Google For their question, then your related content appears on a related keyword page otherwise Google can’t rank it.

    Always remember that you have to create those content that is useful for your audience and they want to know about their query, not the content that you want to tell people about your product.

    So, In that way, we have to search keywords first to get more organic traffic toward our website.

    Elements of keyword researchElements of Keyword Research

    1relevance1. Relevance

    Google always ranks for relevant content. Google Search first user’s query and after sending match content. That’s why the first need of your business is finding the right or relevant keyword for your website.

    2authority2. Authority

    The second most important thing is authoritative content and Users can use anyhow. If your content is exceptional then you can’t stand for first rank in Google’s SERP content. So, create authoritative content for Google ranking.

    3volume3. Volume

    You can put your site on the first number by searching relevant keywords but If no one can search it then no use in your struggle to find a relevant keyword.

    So, If you get higher traffic on your website then make your keyword content attractive for more customers to search for it that’s how Google puts your website or content in the number 1 position.

    Free tools for keyword researchFree tools for keyword research

    1. Google keyword planner
    2. Ahref
    3. Semrush
    4. Moz
    5. Webstream

    How to do keyword research for your websiteHow to do keyword research for your website?

    Whenever you want to do keyword research so, the first step is to blow out ideas about your business.

    Like You Digital marketer, Marketing, SEO, SEM, Paid advertisement, Campaign, Online Marketing, Inbound Marketing, and many more.

    3 put one by one keywords in the free tool for searching3. Put one-by-one keywords in the Free tool for searching

    You can use word marketing and then see results like those given below

    See all around how this keyword works and get an idea about to choose those which are suitable for world-level Marketing

    In this screenshot, you see how difficult it is. And go for your other word.

    4 choose high volume keyword with low difficulty4. Choose high volume keyword with low difficulty

    That means choosing those words which are most searchable in Google and drive more traffic to your website.

    If you can find the best keyword for your website then you get more organic traffic to your website or product.

    Also, search high-volume terms in Google like below, and get an idea about which word is trending now.

    5 use feature snippets5. Use feature snippets

    For your website to give the best rank to your keyword. Feature snippets help you to boost your website to first rank.

    6 use serp6. Use SERP

    SERP refers to how your words put the website on which rank

    That’s how you search keywords and go for your ranking score. I hope it helpful for you.

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