Importance of SEO in Digital Marketing -2024

    Importance of SEO in Digital Marketing -2024

    SEO is the best way to rank your blogs on the top Google page. Google algorithm always supports SEO-related blogs for your website ranking system. SEO always helps you in your Digital marketing career.

    Let’s get started with SEO types.

    Mainly SEO has 12 types but four are more important in the Website Ranking factor in Digital marketing.

    • On-Page SEO
    • Off-Page SEO
    • Technical SEO
    • Mobile SEO

    SEO always looks for better results for your targeted audience and shows them better results. just you have to put your efforts into your Digital Marketing Products or services to be useful for your audience.

    ☄️Important tip: Write a blog in simple understanding language and give information step by step.

    SEO is the main part of your blog ranking system. just have to check the step-by-step process and work on it to maximize your audience area.

    SEO refers to standing out with high-ranking blog lists and making your blog more readable with Digital marketing information. SEO also provides more opportunities to connect with a large volume of target audiences.

    When I started blogging, I didn’t know about SEO, I think it’s a random algorithm. But when I saw my blog website didn’t work well, I started SEO-content and Saw the below result.

    ✨Shocked with the result

    SEO algorithm changes after sometimes regularly and you have to touch with the Google Algorithm for Digital Marketing content. Just check and change your old blog with fresh Content.

    Updated content ranks well so update your content according to your available time.

    SEO also puts your Digital marketing content in SERP for the top list of other blogs and makes more visited content in the Google ranking page. Just improve your blogging style and make your website more visible.

    🧧If you want to connect with me for SEO tactics and website ranking follow me and get your website top ranking result.

    Until then Keep learning.

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