Jeff Bezos- Created a history with Amazon using Digital Marketing

    Jeff Bezos- Created a history with Amazon using Digital Marketing

    Amazon world’s best platform for online shopping, Read this one from its founder:

    “Just remove some risk from the equation, Things are slowing down, You’re seeing layoffs in many many sectors of the economy,” said Bezos.

    Amazon become the world's best business profile in the Retail Market. Let’s have a look into his business and its Marketing style.

    Amazon was founded in July 1994 by Jeff Besoz as we know. Jeff Bezos started Amazon in a rental house, His parents gave him $25,000 to start an online business for selling books on online platforms.

    On starting Amazon selling video games, music, computer-related hardware, Books, etc. Slowly they sell other things to reach a better audience.

    After he started the Amazon web series(AWS) and gave the public to platform where they enjoyed their fun time by watching interesting stories. After Amazon launched the Fulfilment program where small companies sell their products and services to relevant audiences.

    Others use their fulfillment programs and warehouses for their products.

    They offer other companies to work with them and make money whatever they want. And this way one-by-one step Amazon becomes more powerful.

    Amazon works as a public platform that’s why he earned more and more. He brought the whole food market here and gave the public more comfort.

    He achieved huge success during the pandemic by serving without Scaring “Corona” and giving employees full of safety.

    Products and servicesProducts and services

    Amazon is being world's first retail business site. best e-commerce platform where they sell product lines, media lines (movies, books, series), baby products, consumer electric products, health care and personal products, industrial & scientific supplies, kitchen items, jewelry, watches, lawn and garden items, musical instruments, sporting goods, tools, automotive items, toys and games, and farm supplies and consulting services.

    Amazon sells many products under its brand name including chargers, batteries, and diaper wipes.

    Amazon also provides a public page for public review like feedback and comment on products or services.

    AWS is most popular nowadays and the public loves it most. Because it gives the best series of subjects like space, entertainment, motivation, etc.

    Amazons marketing strategyAmazon’s Marketing Strategy

    When Amazon started its journey it focused on public review and engagement with products and services. They started a partnership program and told people to join it.

    They started an Affiliate program in which they give offers to people like they get 5%-10% of each sale when they participate in it.

    Also, tell them to keep their store in it and reach the relevant audience for their products or services.

    This all is work in good manners then you get success as you want.

    Every business starts with Zero if you put your hard work and passion into it it becomes a hero. Amazon doing the same thing and inspiring all.

    In the first phase of Marketing Amazon sells Online books only. After they give public offers and new books which are not easily available on any online or offline platform. They advertise for it and send it all over the selected country.

    After they use fresh faces for marketing because people are more attracted to faces and live ads.

    In earlier days they used their limited money on Marketing, but it didn’t have much success for them then they started spending money on it and growing slowly.

    Amazon work on their 4'p strategy and going currently on it. You can take some hints from it.

    4'p of Marketing

    • Product
    • Price
    • Place
    • Promotion

    In ongoing Marketing strategy, they started TV ads, Social Media Posts, Google Ads, Product display ads, Sponsored ads, Influencer ads, etc.

    They find which one is giving the best response to the public and how they coming on its website. After Amazon produces Festival offers and attracts more people. publishes banners for its services and billboards nowadays.

    The most profitable marketing tip for Amazon is “Headline ads” and it gives Amazon better reach to customers.

    Amazon also uses social media platform

    • Facebook

    On Facebook Amazon shares advertisements for products and services and tells a customer about sell dates and all.

    • Instagram

    On Instagram Amazon take an interview with the artist from different backgrounds and a key aspect of their intention.

    • Twitter

    On Twitter Amazon publishes related and branded content for products and services. And follow new trends to reach new customers.

    • Pinterest

    More than a million people follow Amazon on Pinterest. They use Pinterest to promote their products based on a wide range of themes to grab people’s attention.

    • Youtube

    YouTube short video ads grab people’s attention quickly. Amazon makes sure ads are more accurate and interesting.

    This way Amazon's marketing strategy is unparalleled. To stay competitive Amazon creates helpful and interesting content for the audience.

    I hope it is helpful to you in starting your marketing career and pouring confidence in yourself.

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