Social Media Marketing For This year 2024

    Social Media Marketing For This year 2024

    About 40% of the world’s population, or nearly 3 billion people, were active on social media networks in 2019.

    Marketing via these networks is critical for any organization selling products or services locally, regionally, nationally, or globally.

    Unlike traditional platforms like television or radio, social media does not offer a one-size-fits-all solution but operates depending on the objective.

    The number of marketing strategies is as plentiful as the number of social media networks themselves — Choosing one requires a deep understanding of your target audience to drive value and create the strongest impact with your messaging.

    The benefit of social media marketingThe Benefit Of Social Media Marketing

    For businesses, social media presents vast opportunities to promote their product or services.

    Just as popular social media sites allow users to connect with friends and family in faraway places, they are also powerful ways for marketers to create two-way conversations with potential customers.

    Users now expect to interact with brands, which means that marketers have incredible opportunities to create ways to drive demand and expand the reach of what they are selling.

    Through social media, marketers can:

    • Engage their audience
    • Brand loyalty
    • Integrate with other channel
    • Control the message
    • Create new leads

    types of Social media

    Type of social media marketingType of Social Media Marketing

    Marketers have different options when it comes to planning campaigns on social media. The one they choose should depend on the desired outcome.

    The best campaigns support and reinforce those on other channels so the conversations marketers start with consumers are sustained over time. The main campaigns that do that best are:

    The prospecting campaignThe Prospecting Campaign

    Prospecting means reaching out to customers who have no interest in your products in your past time.

    This campaign shares updated content for your products and they learn more about the products. This is not about the purchase stage but they visit once and know clearly about your products.

    Here are some facts about the campaign

    • Research to identify prospect
    • Be relevant
    • Show interest in the prospect
    • Be consistence
    • Be responsive

    The retargeting campaignThe Retargeting Campaign

    At this stage, a prospecting campaign can turn into one that retargets users whom you’ve engaged with but who neglected to take further action.

    Retargeting is about identifying users who showed interest in your product or service on social media and gently circling back to them to see if you can engage them in a way that gets them to engage on a deeper level.

    In general, the users you want to target are those who have:

    • Visited your site sometime in the past.
    • Clicked on links from previous postings.
    • Started or responded to conversations on your social media page.
    • Added an item to the shopping cart on your website but never checked out.
    • Became a fan of your social media page.
    • Subscribed to your marketing emails.

    The conversation campaignThe Conversation Campaign

    The conversation means getting customers who are paying for products or attracting them to purchase new items unconditionally.

    • Downloading white paper
    • Joining Email list
    • Completing forms or services
    • Engaging online with a potential customer

    Different types of social media platformsDifferent types of Social media platforms

    Social media become the most useful platform for all users. They daily use social media for their business or enjoyment. If you target any social media for your business then you’ll get more revenue.

    • Facebook
    • Pinterest
    • Linkedin
    • Youtube
    • Twitter
    • Tiktok
    • Snapchat
    • Instagram

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    Understanding when to post on social mediaUnderstanding when to post on Social Media

    There is no set time of the week or month when it’s best to post text-driven or image-driven content. For obvious reasons, marketers want to ensure that they respond to comments, questions, or concerns about posts as soon as possible because that’s a sure way to affirm trust with their users.

    Timing in your social media strategy should be more about consistency. Users will take notice of your content if they become conditioned to expect it to appear at certain times throughout the day.

    However, those posts must be coordinated to bring users along on a journey.

    • For example: Many marketers follow the standard “4–1–1” rule: For every four posts that are either educational or entertaining, they can share one solution-focused piece of content and another that is more direct, like a demo.

    This pattern helps make them feel they are being overly marketed when they scan through their social media feeds.

    Just make sure your content is rolled out in a manner that keeps users interested and engaged enough that they may even have their expectations raised each time they see the next post.

    If you can do that, you’ve established a relationship that is unique, dynamic, and sustainable.

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