What are the Ridiculous Earning Tips from Successful People for you?

    What are the Ridiculous Earning Tips from Successful People for you?
    • Define Success Yourself

    “A Dream is not that which you see while sleeping, It is Something that does not let you sleep.” — Famous Quote by Dr.A.P.J-Kalam(World famous Indian scientist)

    The difference between artificial and natural motivation is success. Seeking a benefit, recognition, or confirmation is the source of extrinsic motivation.

    When an outside source does not provide such things, it goes.

    The only way to achieve crazy success is via a natural desire since those who achieve it genuinely achieve things that no one else has ever done. Additionally, they carry them out without guidance on the best time, place, method, or purpose.

    They behave.

    It would help if you defined success entirely for yourself. You are the only one who can define success.

    Success is an “inside” game. Intrinsic motivation means you’re doing what you most believe in, what you most value, and what you most want to do.

    It takes massive amounts of self-honesty, self-awareness, and commitment to decide what you want.

    You’ll be unstoppable when you do.

    • Ignore Outsider’s Help

    Because most of the time, we let other people define who we are as individuals.

    Although it’s true that the five people we spend the most time with ultimately shape who we are, far too frequently we don’t even get to pick those five individuals.

    The world is full of external voices, pressures, and forces that want you to follow the “well-beaten” road. There’s a lot of pressure to adopt the persona of every other person.

    You must have the guts to listen to your voice if you want to succeed. perhaps even to hear the voice of God and begin to obey it.

    Do what you literally think is your life’s purpose. Start to define that purpose for yourself.

    It takes courage to block out the noises and opinions of other people, even well-intended people, and carve your path.

    When you choose your five people, you’re doing what you most value, what you most believe in, and you’re doing it your way. Sometimes this means having to let go of certain, even close relationships.

    You’re also acting despite the fear of failure. People with a fixed mindset are trapped by a fear of failure and a fear of other people’s opinions.

    • Stop needing and Start Desiring

    When you act out of need, you are acting on your own needs as well as those of other people or your perception of what you “should” be doing.

    You don’t feel the need to defend your goals when you are acting out of want. Reach the stage where your actions are driven completely by desire.

    The thing that most resonates with your soul will be what you most want, not what you believe you “need.”

    • Cross Your Freedom

    logically, freedom can be divided into two categories: freedom from and freedom to.

    “Freedom from” refers to being free from outside influences

    1. Ignorance
    2. Poverty
    3. Despotism

    Others can purchase these freedoms by making sacrifices.

    Nobody can grant you “freedom to.” Even though you have excellent options and live in a wonderful place, you must take the risk to make the decision. When you become committed, the universe will conspire to make it happen.

    But you have to choose.

    • Believe in your own Agency

    Do you believe in choice? Or do you believe in chance?

    At the end of the day, if you want to be successful, you believe in choice.

    You believe that you have choices, that those choices matter, and that they have an impact, not only on you but on other people.

    You can choose your life.

    This is known as an internal locus of control in psychology. It is the antithesis of having an external locus of control, which is the conviction that your identity and possessions are determined by factors outside your control.

    Internal allows you to make decisions freely. Being outside makes you a victim.

    Do you think you have a choice in life? This trust is an important requirement for every great success.

    • Plan a “thinking trees” more often

    If you go deep into the study of success, a lot of it comes down to your mind.

    Your mind is a garden, and you’re always planting seeds. Whatever seeds you plant are going to grow into the fruit of your life.

    To be successful, think about your thinking. Design and improve upon your thinking and learning processes.

    In psychology, this is called selective attention. What you focus on expands.

    Albert Einstein said that “imagination is more important than knowledge.” Learn how to think about the things that you want to create more of. Elevated thinking produces elevated results.

    • Become Antifragile

    If you want to do any form of deep work, you have to become “antifragile.”

    If you want to overcome obstacles, you have to become antifragile.

    If you want to become successful, you have to become antifragile.

    Antifragility is learning how to respond rather than react. This is also very similar to “psychological flexibility.”

    Becoming psychologically flexible means that you can handle difficult emotions without being destroyed by them.

    This applies across your entire life. Emotional development = spiritual development.

    Instead, you’re like an elastic. You can be stretched, handle difficult emotions, handle difficult situations, and move forward thoughtfully and powerfully.

    You observe yourself rather than becoming reactive.

    • Change the words you tell yourself

    Language is huge. Language is the level of thoughts and emotions.

    Mastering your language is learning how to speak success into existence.

    You can get very powerful at using words.

    Speak in such a way that your words create the success you want.

    You can use your language to create positive emotions.

    You may build amazing experiences by using your language.

    Use your words to great effect; they have immense power.

    Make a change when you hear yourself talking in a depressing or low voice.

    Your words have a significant influence on how you experience things.

    Your vision and experience are shaped by the words you use. You may use words to design the day you want and the life you want.


    There will be a million reasons, internal and external, not to go for what you most deeply want.

    You can be “good” at a thousand things, but to be GREAT, you have to fully commit to that which you most want.

    When you commit to greatness, you commit to a constant cycle of this.

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