Content Management System(CMS)

    Content Management System(CMS)

    Content Management System is playing an important role in today’s Digital world to create, manage, edit, and publish digital content to relevant audiences of your business.

    CMS helps marketing with given points and also helps to digitalize your blogs and posts.

    • SEO optimization
    • Multiple channel distribution
    • Content Security
    • Scalability

    CMS helps Digital marketer easily do their work when they have multiple tasks on the “To-Do" list.

    CMS is all about managing content for your organization.

    How to control all types of content with less effortHow to control all types of content with less effort???

    1 determine what type of content to manage1. Determine what type of content to manage

    Before going further we have to decide first what type of content you produce. if it is long or complex content then have chosen by software of CMS.

    Let’s make a list of which type of content you have

    • Video
    • Audio podcast
    • Graphics
    • Text-based blogs
    • Email Copy

    If you are creating a blog post then not need CMS software otherwise manage another platform to manage content.

    2 assemble your content management toolstack2. Assemble your content management Toolstack

    When you talked about the use of software if needed then use the below platform to manage CMS

    • CMS software
    • CMS platforms
    • Digital assets management tools

    Use of these platforms you arrange your content well and assign all the content to anyone and look into it.

    All departments of your business create content, so you’ll give them content management tools.

    Just help them by giving suggestions to use it and grow your business.

    3 set clear file folder structure3. Set clear file folder Structure

    Once you decide to assign work to your workers now time to set your file and folder structure.

    If you have heavy numbers of employees then where do they find file folders and which type of files they stored? So, give them perfect instructions for file folders and types of their.

    Check below condition

    • when a file folder is created
    • Which folder is assigned to each other
    • Which folder was created into another folder and when

    4 establish clear file naming convention4. Establish clear file-naming convention

    Always have a problem giving the name to a new file created because when you give a name then have an idea how other one searches it.

    The best option is to add the “final” word at last but this is not working for everyone in every situation so find another way to put the file name.

    Key details for giving name to file

    • what your space looks like
    • How to manage the final version of something
    • If you are adding dates or final codeword in the file name

    Structure for App

    5 create a clear tagging structure5. Create a clear tagging Structure

    Want to make it more easier? then give a specific tag to the file name. This becomes a more specific way to find something under it.

    Use this way like

    If you creating blog posts then the “blogs” tag is used

    If you are giving Email related content then “Emails” is used

    Just remember your file name tag stays consistent then easily found by anyone.

    6 establish a guideline for version control6. Establish a Guideline for version control

    If you run a big business then you have more employees like bloggers, editors, Video creators, graphic designers, and all of the post daily work with file names.

    If they store the final tag with a file that means it updated last minute. then you assign by new one so in that case you have a deadline period or last date to modify content.

    • Adding video then tag someone you adding content like that
    • If you are changing something then give your name on the tag to find out who has changed
    • Define if your content is an ongoing process

    7 build a workflow for the creation of content7. Build a workflow for the creation of content

    Make a one-by-one step for your all-creating process because the other one knows at which step are you working now and then he goes for the other step.

    If you are being consistent then give your best otherwise someone is catching a new flow for your ongoing project.

    Just make flow to understand others how can you work with your deadline and when you publishing story and at all.

    So, CMS makes your work easier than you think.

    8 create a process for auditing content8. Create a process for auditing content

    When you are producing content for your small staff then have to look back into it annually. but if you running a big business then give a time slot to audit your content.

    It is based on how much content you produce. And it is performing well or not?

    Find out which data is more accurate for posting again because people liked most then post it twice.

    9 educate your team member9. Educate your team member

    An important factor is highly educating people about your products or services, not in degree education.

    Talk with them about how you doing and how the market is working for products in Digital Marketing and tell them facts like those given below

    • create
    • Store
    • Tagged
    • Manage

    Make sure all team members know the truth and process for going through CMS and work for it.

    Good to go for it if you have business and want to manage it with your team members.

    For a better understanding of CMS

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