Digital Marketing What is Schema Markup And How to Add In Your Website

    Digital Marketing What is Schema Markup And How to Add In Your Website

    Schema Markup is a great way to help your website ranking. Schema puts your website at rank #1 in search engine optimization. Schema stands on When search engines see schema on your page then they refer to your page on boosting site records.

    Schema markup stays with your page ranking on SEO. That is why most Digital marketers use SEO With Schema. Digital Marketing now become an easy-to-use schema markup.

    One of the easiest ways to rank your site on the Search Console is schema. Schema is nothing but structure data of HTML code. You use Another way to add schema to your website which we discussed further.

    Using HTML with Schema, You properly arrange your data to better understand Google Console.

    In this blog, we cover Three topic

    • Different types of Schema
    • Why it is important for Digital Marketing
    • How to add Schema With Different tool

    Different types of schemaDifferent Types of Schema

    Google understands 32 types of schema, here are the name of it.

    • Article
    • Book
    • Breadcrumb
    • Carousel
    • Course
    • Dataset
    • Employer Aggregate Rating
    • Event
    • Fact check
    • FAQ
    • Home Activities
    • How-to
    • Image license
    • Job posting
    • Learning video
    • Math Solvers
    • Movie
    • Education Q&A
    • Estimated Salary
    • Podcast
    • Practice problems
    • Q&A
    • Recipe
    • Software app (Beta)
    • Speakable
    • Subscription and paywalled content
    • Video

    Most of these are important for digital marketing which is highlighted. And rank your page on Google.

    Why it is so important for your digital marketingWhy It is so Important For Your Digital Marketing?

    When you Add schema to your webpage It easy way to conversation with Google. Search engine easily understands what is your page about and how information is given by you. And You get rich results also.

    Whenever you want rich results of your website and rich snippets for your website Schema will always help you better.

    Digital Marketing is always looking for higher results on your website and product pages. For that you use it.

    For example, Look at Hubspot Ranking is shown first when you notice rich snippets.

    It’s all about the rich result when you find schema on your webpage. Digital marketer always seeks to reach a high rank on Google But this Schema markup helps you to go there.

    Also, show this For Google ranking ideas,

    That’s how Schema gives you better results for your webpage and helps to reach your goal.

    Next, show other data which are given in structure and show the high result on Google pages like movies.

    This Expands your brand reach and also gives a higher click-through rate on your CTA action.

    How to add schema to your websiteHow to Add Schema to Your Website

    Adding Schema to your website is reaching a high ranking volume on Google pages. It’s all about HTML code structure data so below are three ways to add schema.

    For digital marketers, the best option is to See organic results to adding Schema on client websites.

    Jason ldjavascript object notation for linked objectsJASON-LD(Javascript object notation for Linked Objects)

    JSON-LD is a script added as a data block, separate from the rest of a page’s code. Google recommends using JSON-LD “whenever possible” because JSON-LD data blocks are easier to organize and change or edit, when necessary.

    Here’s what it looks like:

    In this example, the webpage code, <p> My name is Kelly </p>, is completely separate from the JSON-LD script below it.


    Microdata essentially does the same thing as JSON-LD but is formatted differently. The code needs to be embedded into a webpage’s HTML, which means it’s less beginner-friendly to write and update.

    It’s also more difficult to use at scale for larger websites (like e-commerce sites).

    Here’s an example of microdata in action:

    Rdfaresource descriptive framework in attributeRDFa(Resource Descriptive Framework in Attribute)

    RDFa is similar to microdata in that you add it to your page’s code through HTML tags and attributes. However, it’s a bit older and more complex.

    The benefit is that it can be easier to integrate it with other apps or platforms that also use it.

    In practice, it looks like this:

    That’s how you add as you wish. And getting high-reach results to your website and organic traffic.

    One of the most profitable ways for Digital Marketers is using schema in your website like structure data of your webpage code.

    Next blog on How to add schema to your webpage.

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