Top 3 SEO Tips- Boost your Online Presence

    Top 3 SEO Tips- Boost your Online Presence

    Welcome to my Marketing world,

    Here we are talking about SEO best tips for every Digital Marketer from beginners to intermediates. As you know you heard everywhere SEO and SEO! Let’s just clarify what is SEO.

    SEO is a Search engine optimization process for improving your presence online with unique content and various tips. SEO helps you to reach on top of the Google ranking lists.

    Implements SEO in your website to increase the availability of the brand. SEO websites rank well and generate the best revenue for your products or services.

    Different types of SEO are available for your website. But the best of them are listed below:

    • On-page SEO
    • Technical SEO
    • Off-page SEO

    SEO is the best option for beginner Digital marketers and also get more work for being an SEO executive. Just remember SEO is a small part of a Digital Marketing career.

    Take a ride with SEO types and understand how to use them in your business or Digital marketing.

    1 on page seo1. On-page SEO

    On-page SEO is the best way to connect with your targeted audience and grab their attention towards your products.

    How to Do On-page SEO?

    • Make sure your main keyword is in your title

    That means finding high-volume keywords according to your products and making it a more powerful title.

    Using SEO keywords in your title means when users search for related long-tail solutions you must appear in the top-rated list and get clicks.

    For example, If the Mail application wants to rank

    “How to send email from [Application name]”

    using the “Mail” reach SEO keyword in your title is the best option to rank well.

    • Optimize your page title

    Use the main SEO-related keyword in your title to optimize your title for your products or services.

    For example, if you have a beauty parlor

    “ Best Beauty-care center for your skincare”

    “ Everyone’s choice for beauty-care [parlor name]”

    You can optimize your page title with Google SEO search ideas like this.

    Suggestive note: you can get ideas on the Google search bar for choosing the best keyword for the title.

    • Include the SEO Keyword in your body copy

    Include your main keyword all around the content and make sure it is not repeated again and again because it’s being “Keyword stuffing” so just use it in the same sentences for better SEO.

    • Incorporate some graphics, images, Visuals

    Adding images grabs the attention of users because users easily understand messages from images. Also add some visuals like graphs, charts, and gifs if needed.

    • Add keyword in Mets Description

    Add the main keyword in the description and also set a long-tail keyword in it to capture user search keywords in Google’s ranking system for SEO ranking.

    • Optimize visuals with Alt text

    Optimizing altered text is most important because users also get help from altering text if some information on your website or products is not opened or loaded.

    • Add internal link

    Adding an internal link is the best way to redirect your other blogs and if one of your pages ranks into the top 3 then set a link into it for getting back to your other pages as well.

    2 technical seo2. Technical SEO

    After doing some SEO changes — The result screen of the gaming website image by the author

    Technical SEO works like On-page SEO and makes your website visible to your targeted audience. If you want to do step-by-step technical SEO, Follow the below steps.

    • URL structure

    According to technical SEO, it is most important to use important keywords in the URL slug because when people search for keywords, their URL gets priority to be listed in the Google ranking list.

    • XML Sitemap

    Add a sitemap that gives information about all your web pages and guides users to important factors of your website SEO.

    Sitemap guides Google on where to store the most important information and which page is shown to the audience first.

    • Site speed

    Site speed drives most of the audience toward your products with fast-loaded content.

    Improving your site speed is a way to ride your audience fast while gaining vital information they need.

    • Mobile responsive

    Most of the users spend more time on smartphones instead of desktops. If your website or products get more time to load on a phone they quit fast. That’s why make mobile-friendly websites or products for SEO ranking.

    • 404 page

    Why 404? If a customer searches for something and you don’t have this page available where are people redirected to the 404 redirects error page Google understands something is fishy and redirects the user to the 404 error page.

    • Broken links etc.

    3 off page seo3. Off-Page SEO

    As you know SEO is bringing non-paid organic traffic towards your website or services. Off-page SEO refers to link building to other related websites and making guest posts on their website.

    Let’s talk about off-page SEO factors that help you to improve online visibility for your brand.

    • Link building

    Getting quality backlinks from reputed websites is most important for Google ranking. Third-party-related content puts your site in the top 3 positions.

    Creating quality content according to SEO increases website organic traffic.

    • Content Marketing

    Writing high-quality content is the best option to drive more organic traffic. Write solutions to audience queries that help you reach a wider range of audiences and make a high conversion rate.

    • Social media

    Nowadays Social media is a trend SEO fact. Audiences spend more time on Social media so creating helpful content videos or articles on Social media increases your website traffic too.

    • Guest posting

    If you post some article on a relevant website and put your website link into it is like guest posting. That way improves your connection between different sites and proves your content is good enough.

    • Influencer Marketing

    Trending way to improve your website ranking with SEO checklist. Influencing is the fastest way to reach out to various audiences within a limited time.

    According to Google SEO is updated every time and changes its rules, stay tuned with me for getting information about Google core updates.

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    Until then keep learning :)

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