Steve Jobs created history with Marketing

    Steve Jobs created history with Marketing

    Apple become the world’s second-largest brand the world in the Technology Market. Here are some main focus content about Apple and its founder's struggles and how they do marketing.

    Apple was founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne.

    In the earlier days of Apple, it was known for Apple computers and They sold computers in versions 1,2,3. It makes them more popular by giving a new version of Apple’s computer with a high-quality processing system.

    Steve gave the best version of the computer according to the other brands like Microsoft and IBM. IBM entered the market with a microcomputer but it failed because of Apple’s quality. This way Apple grabs the key for consistency and grows more and more.

    After the Computer’s success, Apple launched a new version “Macintosh” and went for it, Within a year it was going to touch the sky. This way Steve makes changes in the IOS of Apples.

    Steve working with hard work and making a one-by-one version for growing more and more.

    Macintosh went great after releasing its version, Apple started making versions of its old products and gave the best version of the last updated version. This way people liked their new products and gave support.


    In the early days, Apple advertised on print media. They offer a full page of ads with eye-catching images. Apple gives them very sensitive information and attractive headlines to highlight quality design and simplicity.

    As Apple became a more popular brand using different versions of computers, it started creating Macbooks, iPhones, I-pad. Apple holds its position in attractive design and Operating systems like its own “IOS”. Apple grabs its targeted audience by giving excellent advertisements with heartfelt conversation and video ads.

    Apple gave its audience shock like

    In this way, it built audience trust and found new ways to catch more and more people towards their Apple products.

    Apple company started with three men after One of them quit but Steve never let put down Apple and grew more and more with his outstanding performance.

    The early days printing ads to macintosh in the marketThe Early Days: Printing Ads to Macintosh In the Market

    In the early days of Apple, it gave ads in print type like white-black paper ads with the genius idea of computers. Steve said that on behalf of companies like Apple gives them a break They do not do coding by themselves they use computers like Apple company, It is programming for you. These types of sentences attract people and give them the “Take a look” intention.

    After some days, the Macintosh entered Apple’s history which made it a more powerful version of Apple itself. Macintosh gave commercial ads using stars so people pay more attention to it.

    This way, Apple welcomes Macintosh and its version, which people like most. They used it more and more and after Apple’s market went through Skyrocket speed.

    Apple arranged a “Think Different” campaign for people and it gave historic success to Brand-name. It leads people to Apple and engages them with Apple’s upcoming products. This campaign is run by famous people like Mahatma Gandhi, John Lenon, etc.… And share their story with products that have a dramatic impact on the world.

    Apples after a journey with new lunch productsApples After a journey with New lunch products

    Apple went well after Steve decided to come back to Marketing after getting huge success on the “Think Different” campaign. He was determined to let’s make Apple cool again. He added one-by-one campaigns to related products of Apple like the Macbook “Get a Mac” campaign and attract more people with real face ads.

    The job was perfectionist toward advertisement because he changed the ad at the last moment if it looked not good and re-shoot it and after changes at a time if needed in his eyesight.

    Get a Mac campaign run by two actors who play roles for Mac and an old computer and show people that Mac is good enough for modern changes while an old computer is resistant to change itself.

    After Steve died Apple mostly focused on advertising commercially and gave their efforts into product advertisement. Apple launched new campaigns like “Shot on iPhone”, Share your Gifts” etc. These are helpful to Apple’s products to get more revenue and their eye-catching Image for Apple’s products drives more and more people to their services.

    Nowadays Apple runs through video ads like “Mother Nature” Video ads run most and give information about Apple’s upcoming products or services.

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